A UK KFC customer was disgusted after finding a battered and fried chicken head in her order of chicken wings. The customer posted a video of the horrific experience online and it captured many people’s attentions. 

The customer said, “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wing meal. Put me off the rest, ugh.”

KFC replied to the customers’ online posts, commenting on just how shocked they were at her findings. However, they tried to spin the experience by saying that this at least proves that KFC does indeed use real chickens. They also offered her free chicken and a tour of one of their UK kitchens, which she allegedly accepted.

This story is not surprising, as many people quite frequently find other animal body parts in their orders of animal meat. Others have also found chicken heads in their orders of chicken wings. One customer even found what he described to be a pig’s nipple in a sandwich that he bought at a fast food place. 

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