Turmeric is a well-known root that’s been shown to improve and prevent inflammation, assist with healthy digestion, and even comes with anti-cancer benefits. The beneficial effects of this glowing orange root seem to be appearing more and more often. Like ginger root, turmeric can be sliced, grated, bought as a ground spice, and you can even juice with it if you’re brave enough to down its spicy flavor. In ground form, it’s a bit milder, but there’s another way you can enjoy this root that most of us don’t use enough – as a tea!

Turmeric root is not cheap. It’s a little over $10 a pound at most health food stores, but you can just use the ground form to make a tea, which is cheaper and easier (choose organic if you can). Just a little ground turmeric can easily be made into a lovely, anti-inflammatory beverage, as you’ll see in this video by Dr. Andrew Weil, a natural and alternative medicine expert.

So how does it taste? Well, we’ll have to let you see that for yourself! It’s actually pretty delightful, but if you need to sweeten it, you certainly can, though do choose a natural sweetener instead of sugar, or use a wedge of lemon would also work. Enjoy this as an afternoon or morning beverage, add it to a smoothie, and even add a little cayenne or ginger for more kick and extra anti-inflammatory benefits.

Check out how to make your own tea with Dr. Weil and let us know if you’ve ever made your own!

Lead Image Source: Wanna be Creative/Flickr