Lunchtime is upon you, and there’s just something about this mid-day meal that calls for a sandwich. Easy to make, easy to carry, easy to eat — a nice sandwich is so satisfying. Just because the prep process is easy doesn’t mean the end product has to be boring. In this how-to, we’re going way beyond a sad lunch meat on white bread sandwich here.

Follow these steps to making one banging superfood sandwich that tastes amazing and provides a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, so you can feel fueled up and ready to take on the day post-lunchtime.


1. Sprouted Grain Bread

First, select your bread, which is the beginning and end of your bite, the foundation that holds all those ingredients together. Choose organic sprouted grain bread, which is far healthier than regular packaged breads and is made with ingredients like lentils, barley and millet. Or, choose breads made with organic grains or a gluten-free bread.

2. Pick a Flavorful Spread

Put a spread against the inside of both pieces of bread. Doing this step before placing the other ingredients will help hold your sandwich together and bind each layer. Try hummus or creamy zinger garlic spread. You can also use a vegan nut cheese like vegan cashew cheese.

3. Greens

Next, place some superfood greens on your sandwich. Kale, Swiss chard and cabbage are all good choices. Don’t get skimpy with one measly leaf; place a handful on there so you can benefit and consume the nutrients. Just one cup of kale includes more than 1000 percent of your daily recommended vitamin K, 180 percent of your daily recommended vitamin A, more 200 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C, as well as several other nutrients.

4. Protein

Next, place a protein source like tempeh, tofu or seitan on your sandwich. These soy products pack lots of protein, and they can take on mostly any taste by marinating, frying or baking with your choice of spices and oils like sesame  or olive oil.


5. Veggies

Load up your sandwich with as many superfood veggies as you can fit between two slices of bread. Choose superfoods such as tomatoes, avocados and carrots.

6. Dressing

Lastly, choose a dressing or sauce so your sandwich isn’t dry. Choose the usual ketchup, mustard or hot sauce, or make your own dressing or faux mayo. You can also try this spicy vegan cheese sauce, which is made with cashews and nutritional yeast.


There you have it — with a few simple steps and some conscious shopping choices, you can make a tasty, filling superfood sandwich that packs in a ton of nutrition to boot.

Lead Image Source: Vegan Humdinger – Hummus, Carrot, Cucumber, Avocado and Alfalfa Sprouts Sandwich