When it comes to fruits, some may have you wondering, How the heck do I eat this thing?! But, do not fear. The hard as a rock coconut, furry kiwi, and oval-shaped mango is no match for you. And since summer is finally here, that means there will be a huge selection of watermelon and pineapple at your local farmer’s market and at the grocery store. These common fruits are also mysterious in their ways. How can you possible chop a 5-pound watermelon? And what about those thorny pineapples that seem to attack you before you try to hack it open?

From the common to the more unusual, let’s take a look at these 5 inconvenient fruits: Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut, Kiwis, and Mango.


After watching the videos in this guide, you’ll be chopping and prepping these inconvenient fruits like a pro in no time.

Let’s start by watching the video above to learn the proper way of cutting watermelon from Chef Scott Swartz of The Culinary Institute of America!

For more tips on watermelon and the other 4 fruits mentioned above, read on:

1. Watermelon

Now that you know how to properly (and safely!) cut a watermelon, if you have some time on your hands, then get creative by making watermelon animals! Try making a watermelon “porcupine” and “turtle,” like in this how-to video:


2. Pineapple

There’s no need for canned or frozen pineapple now that warmer weather is here and pineapple is in season. Cutting a pineapple has never been easier, thanks to this video (Pina Colada, anyone?):


3. Coconut

Speaking of Pina Colada, let’s talk about coconut. Coconuts remind us of tropical beaches, islands, and vacation. Daydream about paradise with this Raw Coconut Yogurt. Here’s how to cut open a coconut, in case you end up on a beautiful island somewhere soon:


4. Kiwi

Just how do you prepare kiwi? This little fruit is tricky, and sticky, when it comes to peeling off the furry skin. And what about slicing? This way or that. Watch and learn the many ways to cut and prep kiwi for any salad or dessert, like this Raw Kiwi Tart with Ginger, Mint, and Coconut, without making a mess:

5. Mango

Mangoes are tricky fruits! They are sticky and slimy and can definitely make cutting them a challenge. After learning the proper way to prepare mangoes, why not make these Healthy Summery Juicy Mango Waffles that are gluten-free? Or how about these mini Orange Mango Cheesecakes? Although there are many ways to cut a mango, here’s a chef favorite: