Another day, another high-profile celebrity talking about plant-based diets.

Over the past month, we’ve seen a surge of awesome celebrities taking the initiative to switch their eating habits and begin following a vegan diet — and we’ve been so proud! The latest public figure to announce their interest in plant-based eating is Los Angeles quarterback Cardale Jones.


‘Thinking about going vegan,’ Jones tweeted on September 18.

Cardale Jones/Facebook

First things first, we want to express our support for Cardale. The reactions to his tweet ranged from supremely positive (“There are some high-performance vegan athletes. You’ll burn cleaner and feel great. Takes a minute to adjust but you live in the right place,” one person replied) to concerned (“You’re a professional athlete. You need as much lean protein as you can get,” wrote Bo Anderson) but the truth is it’s easy to find adequate protein sources.

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Tom Brady is plant-based, after all. And don’t forget Kendrick Farris, team USA’s only male weightlifter at the Rio Olympics, or Hulda B. Waage, an Icelandic vegan powerlifter who not only won a championship trophy but also broke a new national record in 2016.


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Congratulations! A delicious world of sustainable food awaits you.

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Lead image source: Cardale Jones/Facebook