Turmeric is all the rage right now. Now more than ever, people are trying to improve their quality of life, and it starts with what’s on your plate!

Known for its vibrant color and delightful, earthy flavor, turmeric contains curcumin, which is revered as a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. Looking to add more of this super spice into your diet? Our awesome bloggers have some tips for you that will get you started. All of these recipes can also be found on our Food Monster App, so you can take them on the go!


1. Make A Tonic!
Vegan Flu Fighter Immunity-Boosting Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tonic

Robin Runner of Knead To Cook shows you how to make a Flu-Fighting, Immunity-Boosting Tonic. Not only does it contain turmeric, but it also packs a whopping amount of ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper. You can drink this tonic warm or cold!

2. Add It To Your Oatmeal For A Flavorful Kick
Coconut Golden Chai Oatmeal

AJ Affo of The Indigo Kitchen created this delicious and creamy Coconut Golden Chai Oatmeal with turmeric. This is a popular choice and a really good way to make your oatmeal a little more fun! Combined with the aromatic spices of turmeric, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and allspice, this oatmeal is not only warming but a great way to start your day.

3. Golden Milk Is Amazing
Vegan Turmeric Peppercorn Wellness Milk

This Golden Wellness Milk is an incredibly popular way to incorporate turmeric into your diet, and can be enjoyed hot with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, or cold. Laurice Feuerstein of Feeding Your Beauty shows you how easy it is to make! Fresh turmeric root, peppercorn, carrots, and cinnamon makes this milk delicious and nutritious. There are tons of ways to make golden milk, but this recipe is especially delightful.

4. Add It To Your Stews For A Rich, Earthy Flavor
Vegan Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, and Peanut Stew

Is there anything more comforting than a delicious bowl of stew? This Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, and Peanut Stew by Niki Webster of Rebel Recipes is a wonderful combination of nourishing vegetables with a creamy nutty sauce, then topped with more toasted peanuts of crunch. Add turmeric to the seasoning to bring a depth to the stew that can only be described as astonishing!


5. Make Into A Sweet Snack
Raw Turmeric-Dusted Snack Balls

Turmeric-Dusted Snack Balls? Talk about a superfood! Maria and Alyssa Tosoni of Spinach For Breakfast brings you a real treat in these raw and healthy snacks.With only a few ingredients, these turmeric balls are easy to make, healthy, and are stored in the freezer so you can keep them around for a while. Tumeric’s’ bitterness is balanced by the natural sweetness of the dates to make a tasty bite.

Whether you’re using the fresh root or a finely ground powder, turmeric is definitely leaving its bright-orange mark on those who wish to add more powerhouse foods to their diet. Check out our Turmeric Archives for more inspiring recipes, and see how you can start making healthier choices, and living your life like it’s golden!

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Lead Image Source: Raw Turmeric-Dusted Snack Balls