All About Pears: Varieties, Health Benefits and Recipes!

Did you know there are over 3,000 varieties of pears grown across the world?!

Although only a fraction of these varieties are grown and sold in the United States, there are still eleven delicious and distinctive pears to try. Surely there are at least a couple that are new to you!



  1. Anjou and Red Anjou pears have a sweet, mild flavor and firm texture. This versatile variety is great for snacking and all types of cooking.
  2. Asian pears are super crisp, almost like an apple, and are typically eaten raw. Try them in salads or out of hand!
  3. Bartlett and Red Bartlett pears are the juiciest variety, and are best eaten raw. They can also be used to make pear butter or other recipes where a soft texture is desired.
  4. Bosc pears have a classic pear shape and texture, with a textured, brownish skin. They’re also great for snacking, but hold their shape well when cooked. Try them in cakes and other dessert recipes!
  5. Comice pears have a fine texture and a sweet, fruity flavor, making them an out of hand favorite. They’re slightly rounder in shape than most varieties, with a spotted green skin.
  6. Concorde pears have a crisp, dense flesh, making them ideal for cooking. Their flavor is often described as earthy with a hint of vanilla.
  7. Forelle pears are small, dense, and super-sweet, with a unique yellow-green skin that is naturally decorated with crimson freckles. These are great for snacking!
  8. French Butter pears are a fall favorite. With their smooth, juicy texture and sweet flavor, they are especially well suited for dessert recipes.
  9. Seckel pears are the smallest of the commercially grown varieties, with a sweet flavor that’s perfect for snacking.
  10. Starkrimson pears have a crimson red color that darkens as they ripen. With a smooth flesh, sweet flavor, and subtle floral aroma, these pears are perfect for snacking, salads, and other fresh uses.
  11. Taylor’s Gold pears are sweet, juicy, and very tender. These relative newcomers have a short growing season, peaking in the fall and winter months.

Health Benefits

Pears are a great source of fiber, and are rich in vitamins C and K. Although different pear varieties vary greatly in size, a serving of the fruit (about one medium pear, or 166 grams) contains 96 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 12 percent of your daily value for vitamin C.

Their fiber content makes pears a filling, satisfying snack that also promotes regularity and may help control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.



We’ve compiled a few great pear recipes, but clearly there’s room for more! Got a mouthwatering pear recipe? Share it with us! 


  1. Vanilla Pear Cardamom Cocktail
  2. Ginger-Streusel Pear Pie
  3. Red Beet, Pear, Orange, and Apple Smoothie 

Image Credit: Anushruti RK/Flickr