We all know we need our healthy fats, right? Thankfully, plant-based foods are full of them. Fats keep our brain healthy and help our bodies produce adequate hormones, but the key is to choose the right ones. Processed foods contain a lot of trans fats and inflammatory omega-6 fats, while whole foods contain better fats such as monounsaturated and omega-3 fats.

When it comes to fighting inflammation and disease, possibly no other types of fats can do what omega-3 fats can. These fats have been shown to reduce pain, improve heart health, increase brain health, and neurological longevity, and can even help prevent disease! We all know many types of fish contain omega-3 fats, but if you’re cutting back on fish, what can you do? These 10 vegan omega vitamins will suffice.


1. Purity Products Omega 3-6-9omega-3-6-9-vegan

Purity Products Omega 3-6-9 are 100% vegan and promotes and maintains the health of your cardiovascular system, brain, eyes, and skin. They’re non-GMO sourced and is made with the finest ingredients sourced in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner. Purity is a plant-sourced blend of omega 3, 6 and 9, making up key essential fatty acids. Buy it for $14.20!

William Saunders said, “As a vegan, I seek a good, natural, non-animal source Omega fatty acids. I also like ordering from Amazon, and the brand I usually purchase was out of stock, so I stumbled upon this one. I like it. It contains all the essential nutrients I desire, and it is easy to swallow. I am very pleased with the product and the vendor selling it, and I would gladly consider ordering it or other products in the future.”

2. DEVA Omega-3 DHA Vegan Vitaminsvegan vitamins

DEVA Omega-3 DHA Vegan Vitamins has 90 vegan soft gels and contains 200 mg of DHA (Algae). It’s a quality product derived from algae and packaged in non-animal soft gels made from carrageenan and starch. DEVA Omega-3 DHA is 100% vegan, vegetarian and is certified by the Vegan Society! You can buy a bottle for $21.27!

CBGB said, “These vitamins work well with my sensitive stomach, and I haven’t had any issues with aftertaste like other fish-based DHA vitamins. I would definitely purchase again.”


3. NusaPure Omega 7omega 7

NusaPure Omega 7 uses an extract of Sea Buckthorn oil that will yield amazing results. Sea Buckthorn is a shrub that typically grows on sandy coasts. The seeds and fruit/berries of this plant are used to make oils. This omega provides a high concentration of omega 7 as well as many healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Buy a bottle for $26.99!

Victoria Mellon said, “wonderful quick service and affordable; works quite well on stubborn skin conditions-great product.”

4. SeabuckWonders Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend, Omega-7 Completeseabuck wonders vegan omega

SeabuckWonders Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend, Omega-7 Complete is a fish-free way to get all your needed omega. It’s the easiest way to get all the benefits of sea buckthorn oil. This natural blend has many uses. Sea buckthorn berry oil is truly the best source for omega 7! It supports liver health, a smooth digestive system and supports cell membrane health. Buy a bottle now for $34.01!

Terri Dee said, “I should probably preface this by saying I’ve bought literally 1000’s of products online over the years, but I’ve written maybe a small handful of reviews. A product has to be really THAT good or THAT bad for me to take to the keyboard. This product is THAT good!”


5. Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3Ovega-3 plant based omega-3

Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3 has nothing fishy about it! It’s derived from sustainable plant-based sources, and gives you the essential vitamins you need, without the fishy flavors. This omega-3’s from algae, including 270 mg of DHA and 135 mg of EPA. These fatty acids support heart, brain, eye, and overall health. Buy some for $21.84!

Myra said, “Fish oil was way gross. I hated the way it tasted and smelled, and it kept revisiting through the day. I tried these instead, and they are way better. The capsule is kind of big, but it is soft and easy to swallow.”


6. Testa Omega 3testa omega 3

Testa Omega 3 is a high-quality algae Omega-3. It’s a pure, plant-based omega 3 and is totally sustainable. Testa comes from a non-genetically modified algal source, which is ideal for vegans and vegetarians alike. Traditionally, Omega-3 has been extracted from fish, but it doesn’t have to be. Buy a bottle of Testa for $23.74!

Nathan Kelly Rice said, “Love this option as an Omega-3 supplement. I was seeking an alternative for fish oils as they hurt my stomach. What I learned in the research is there are not a lot of options out there with the same impact as fish oil for heart, brain and eye health.”

7. Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3nested naturals omega-3

Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3 is from a socially conscious company, that aims to provide the best ingredients and fully natural sources. Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3 is proudly made from vegan algal oil. Their marine algae are grown sustainably on a farm, instead of being harvested from the ocean. You’ll get a natural boost of pure Omega-3 fatty acids while the fish continue to swim freely. Buy some for $24.90!

F. Damian said, “I am on my first bottle of this product and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not exclusively vegan but I wanted to find an Omega 3 product that was more sustainably sourced-and this is totally it! It also contains no carrageenan which tells me that the company pays attention to the details and quality of their product.”


8. Zenwise Health Vegan Omega 3zenwise vegan omega

Zenwise Health Vegan Omega 3 vitamins makes it possible for your body to feel its best. It’s not sourced from animals, promotes joint comfort, and encourages mental clarity. It’s produced in a regularly inspected facility to ensure the highest quality. It contains 1000mg of omega-3, which is vital. Get some for $29.98!

Jesus I. said, “I am currently healing myself from a severe flare of Crohn’s disease that put me in bed rest for about
9 months and Omega 3 is one of the most important things that my gut needs to heal. I am taking Omega 3 from Solgar, Shaklee and Zenwise’s and I can tell you that my tummy loves Zenwise’s the most.”

9. Garden of Life Algae Omega 3garden of life omega 

Garden of Life Algae Omega 3 is a 64% Concentrated omega-3 supplement. These supplements have a clean, slightly orange taste without that terrible fishy aftertaste from animal-sourced products. This formula is designed for vegans and vegetarians to support brain and eye health. Get some for $27.49!

Andy said, “I was worried about the reviews about a fish smell and I have to say there really isn’t one at all. The tablets are tiny compared to the fish oils I used to take. They are easy to take and I like them better than the liquid for ease of use. So far I am very happy with this product and will purchase again. Will update if any gastro or other issues arise. 5 stars!”

10. Vegan Flaxseed Oil with Plant-Based Omega’s 3,6 & 9vegan flaxseed oil

Vegan Flaxseed Oil with Plant-Based Omega 3,6 & 9 is another way to get your essential omega vitamins. It has 60% alpha-linolenic acid, a plant-based fatty acid thought to counteract inflammation and provide cardiovascular benefits. There are no preservatives or additives, so rest assured this is totally healthy. Buy some for $19.95!

Mohammed said, “I really Like This Product from Sports research. I have heard a lot about flax seed and how it is beneficial in many ways. I started Using it for about 2 weeks now. I had a join problem and that started to fix itself with the amount of Omega This product has. This might also be me but every time I use it my body heats up like its burning cals which is really a good thing. So Yes Every product I tried from This company was/is worth what I paid for!!”

Bonus: 10 Healthy Vegan Omega 3-Rich Recipes10 Healthy Vegan Omega 3-Rich Recipes

For even more recipes, just out these 10 Healthy Vegan Omega 3-Rich Recipes. We all know we need our healthy fats, right? Thankfully, plant-based foods are full of ’em! Fats keep our brain healthy and help our bodies produce adequate hormones, but the key is to choose the right ones. Processed foods contain a lot of trans fats and inflammatory omega-6 fats, while whole foods contain better fats such as monounsaturated and omega-3 fats.

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