In recent years, the way we view protein has evolved. While getting enough protein once meant ensuring that meat was at the center of your plate, more and more Americans have been embracing the idea that meat does not necessarily need to come from an animal. But if protein doesn’t come from meat or dairy, then where does it come from? Plant-based alternatives to meat can come from sources such as soy, wheat, lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes, like peas.

According to a 2017 Protein Alternatives Report from global market research firm Mintel, it is largely Millennials who are driving the trend towards meat alternatives; 36 percent are trying plant-based meats versus 14 percent of Baby Boomers. To get more granular, 64 percent have tried meatless burgers versus 28 percent of Baby Boomers. Because the younger generation is so open to trying protein that doesn’t come from an animal, a university campus seems like the perfect place to offer more plant-based options — especially in a world where meat alternatives that taste like the real thing are a reality. That’s exactly why plant-based food startup Beyond Meat will now offer the Beyond Burger, a vegan burger made from pea protein that cooks and tastes like a beef patty, to hungry students at Yale University.


Yale University just became the first campus to offer the vegan Beyond Burger to students.


According to Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, “It’s energizing to be among a generation so accustomed to questioning fixed assumptions, including, in our case, that meat must come from animals. It’s particularly fun to do the launch in New Haven, the home of the self-proclaimed first restaurant in America to serve the original hamburger.”

Adam Millman, Senior Director of Yale Hospitality, weighed in on offering the Beyond Burger to students: “With eating trends taking a turn toward plant-based alternatives, we found it prudent to meet our students’ desires with the addition of The Beyond Burger to our on-campus menus. Providing this option reflects an understanding of the up-and-coming generation’s evolving dietary preferences in which animal based protein, while important, plays a less prominent role.

While vegan and vegetarian options of the past may have been bland and tasteless, startup companies like Beyond Meat are proving that that is no longer the case. We’re so glad that Yale University is embracing the plant-based future of food — and we hope that this inspires other universities to follow suit.


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All image source: Beyond Meat