Some dogs live to be “guard” dogs and protect their homes and families from any sort of intruder. Even if that intruder is a squirrel on the porch, outside … or a neighbor coming to drop off cookies … or even their own shadow. We all know the type, when anything is even slightly out of the ordinary they’re ready to step up in defense (and by defense, this usually means hiding under a table and barking). Dogs are naturally territorial animals who instinctively feel it’s their duty to protect their pack, but not all dogs take this “job” as seriously.

Take Bronson the Bulldog featured in this video, for example. When his human comes home, Bronson does not make a single peep to acknowledge his presence. It’s not because this pup knows that it’s his dad and there is no cause for alarm … Bronson is stone cold asleep.

Ah well, he might not be the world’s best domestic defender, but he does seem like a fantastic nap buddy.