Upon hearing about the way dolphins and animals were being treated in animal shows and certain zoos, our 10 year old son, Max  embarked on a mission to find out the truth about the way humans treated our wildlife. He visits a wildlife rescue centre in Thailand and interviews its founder, Edwin Wiek. What he found out was  eye opening. And promptly proceeds to deliver an important message to all  humanity.

Later I asked him to list the things he learnt from his visit and the video he produced. This is what he had to say:

1. Humans are cruel to animals.

2.  Animals have routines like us.

3. Humans are a bad influence to animals.

4. Elephant skin feels like a yoga mat.

5. Gibbons make funny noises to protect their territory.

6. Animals like many types of fruits a lot especially the sweet ones.

7. Deers are not as scary as I thought.

8,. When an elephant is happy she’s really happy.

9. Humans can also  be very kind to animals.

10.Gibbons get really angry when they lose members of their family.

It seems there aren’t any wild animal shows out there that are kind to animals. Watching my son’s video forces me think about how good we are at compartmentalizing and believing a convenient hype. Next time you think about visiting something which puts animals on show – think about how they were trained. As Edwin says, “Pain and Hunger. You be the judge.”