If you were a gigantic flightless bird with thick shaggy Muppet-like fur who could run up to 30 miles per hour – don’t you think you’d just feel like dancing sometimes? We think so. Life can be stressful (even for an emu), but life can also be full of little moments of fun, like these emus are having while they play and explore together. Check out these “dancing” emus from Camels and Friends on YouTube and have a happy moment in your day.


So, these emus aren’t truly dancing a tango, really they are playing with an ever-amusing animal toy, a weasel ball (check out this dachshund chasing the elusive toy too). However, the fun music, fanciful feathers, and happy environment in which the emus live are certainly cause for celebration. Want to see some more happy and playful animals? Take a look at these adorable pigs swimming in the Bahamas.

Note: Camels and Friends may obtain their animals from random source breeders, and while we understand that this type of acquisition isn’t ideal, these animals are indeed being well cared for, so please keep that in mind. You can find out more about all of the animals on the group’s website.