We have all heard about dogs being man’s best friend. But move over canids! It’s time to make room for some cows in the BFF role. Cows are actually very affectionate creatures, despite what the meat industry wants us to think. Cows form deep friendships and are very social animals.

You can see plainly that this cow loves his human friend. He is so happy and contented just to spend time with his friend. And the guy seems pretty content, too!


This particular bovine human friendship started a couple years ago back in 2011. Mattis, the cow, and his friend Samuel like to run races and have push-up duels in their native Germany.

It all just really makes you wonder, why do we think its alright to eat these awesome, loving and sweet natured animals? If we can give up eating beef, we can let more cows live like Mattis. Don’t you think that sounds like a good thing?