Most people wake up to the rich smell of coffee and a nice donut before heading out for daily errands, but these Hawaiian residents have a slightly different idea of how to spend their mornings. After looking outside of his bedroom window and seeing a large pod of dolphins close to shore, this man decided that an early morning trip to the beach would be an excellent way to start the day!

Because the ocean is just steps from his home in Hawaii’s famous and scenic North Shore, who could resist a dip in the ocean in the company of cetaceans? Using a drone, the man’s swim is recorded from a bird’s-eye view perspective, giving viewers an incredible glance at the vastness of a dolphin’s home – the ocean.

Dolphins can swim around 40 to 50 miles in a single day when free to roam the open oceans. In captivity, however, cetaceans are limited to itty-bitty tanks that allow little to no room for the animal’s to reach their full active potential. This man had the right idea in taking the time to swim with wild cetaceans rather than seeking them out at a marine park!

The next morning you are feeling like an espresso just won’t do, try checking out more videos filmed by drones that show just how awesome dolphins and whales can be!