I thought the same thing at first, but no, this isn’t CGI. Videographer Mark Peters used a GoPro underwater camera hoping to film albacore tuna off the coast of Santa Cruz, but instead he captured this surreal, almost too-good-to-be-true footage of dolphins swimming peacefully in their natural habitat. Check out that definition!

Critics refused to believe this video was the real thing. Peters defended himself, explaining that he replaced the HD camera’s curved lens with a flat one that works better for underwater filming, and used a clear housing that he believes intrigued the dolphins and moved them to come closer. “I don’t even think Avatar is as real as my footage,” he told skeptics.

In the wild, dolphins swim for 40 to 50 miles a day. This clip shows the true beauty of dolphins swimming naturally in their natural environment, a great contrast to how we typically see them at marine parks or contrived “swimming with dolphins” attractions.

Image source: The Pug Father/Flickr