Every year about 7.5 million animals end up in a shelter, but only four million of those are adopted. This sad statistic means that over three millions animals are put to sleep annually due to lack of space and funds from shelters.

These numbers are huge, and what’s worse is that many people that could be adopting these animals opt to buy their pets at “pet stores” or more aptly named, puppy mill storefronts.

Luckily, some volunteers decided to take matters into their own hands in an effort to help save some needy pups from being euthanized in a crowded South Carolina shelter. These kind people decided to use their Saturday to transport five puppies and three adult dogs to a no-kill shelter all the way in NYC. (For reference, that’s an 11 and a half hour trip one-way.)

Now that’s a truly compassionate act! Doesn’t it just make your heart smile?

To help our ailing animal shelters solve their problem, make sure to have your pets fixed, never buy a pet, and volunteer at your shelter if you can.