Dessert aficionados are always on the hunt for the next popular confection. While usually their finds include intricately designed creations that are bright, colorful, or dripping in chocolate, the newest treat setting the dessert world abuzz is actually ridiculously simple. In fact, its design is so simplistic, you can barely see it from afar.

We’re talking about the Raindrop Cake. This unique and innovative treat recently made its debut at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s immensely popular outdoor food market. Foodies are obsessing over this gelatinous cake that, as you may have guessed, looks like a giant raindrop.

The cakes are made out of natural spring water and agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin, and are topped with black sugar syrup called Kuromitsu and a roasted soy flour called Kinako.

The Raindrop Cake is the creation of 36-year-old Darren Wong, who started his Raindrop Cake business after he saw a similar dessert pop up in Japan. At first, he predicted the playful dessert would make its way to the States on its own, but when it didn’t, he started making the dessert himself.

The popularity of the cake’s debut surpassed anything Wong had in mind. He sold out of all of the 700 Raindrop Cakes he prepared for the event. Funnily enough, though, Raindrop Cake customers are not raving about the translucent dessert’s taste as much as they love its minimalist, perfect-for-Instagram appearance.

Instead of the decadence of some other popular dessert crazes we’ve seen in the past year, like the cronut, the Raindrop Cake provides more of a refreshing and light experience with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Wong’s decision to use agar instead of gelatin allows everyone to enjoy the experience. Its straightforward ingredient list puts any allergy-prone or diet-abiding foodie at ease. And with the rise in health and nutrition awareness, this dessert proves that you can make wonderful creations using all plant-based ingredients and create a treat everyone can feel good about.

All image source: Raindrop Cake