Fresh, clean eating doesn’t have to be hard on a plant-based diet. Though we can get in a rut easily if we allow ourselves to, it’s good to remember to stick to whole foods as much as possible, regardless of how convenient packaged options may be. So, why not revamp your meal plans to reinvigorate your resolution to be healthier and eat closer to nature? Well, we here at One Green Planet want to help you out, so here’s some fresh and healthy meal ideas that are all plant-based and delicious!

1. Breakfast


Breakfast is often difficult to figure out, especially if you feel groggy in the morning, but if you start off with some invigorating hot water with lemon, you’re well on your way out the door. You can follow that with a green drink, for instance, get a dose of spirulina power with this lovely kale, pear, banana, kiwi fruit, and spirulina smoothie. Alternatively, if you want to chow down on something, why not make a plant-based hashstack?

Potato-Hashcakes-Vegan-GF-Soy-Free--1200x775 (1)

Think sliced fresh tomatoes and avocado besides a wedge of wholemeal bread accompanied with a bit of potato and kale hash. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Don’t want to deal with savory in the morning?  Try this wicked awesome stack of pancakes with a pat of peanut butter.

2. Mid-Morning Snack

Raw-Hemp-Chia-Seed-Bars- (1)

Who doesn’t enjoy a snack before lunch? Having a little extra before lunch can curb your hunger, making it so you don’t go crazy at lunch and stall your productivity come afternoon. Take a look at all of these suggestions. You can keep a stash of almonds in your desk or maybe bring along some fresh cut up fruit or an avocado and some crackers. Why not whip up some of these raw hemp chia bars or these fantastic crunchy chickpeas? Either way, if you’re busy at work or at home, there are so many solutions to satisfy your mid-morning hunger.

3. Lunch

wrap (2)

Lunch can either be a big meal, thirty minute ordeal, or non-existent, but we don’t want you to go hungry! Spice up your packed lunch by making fresh sushi before you leave the house or if you’re on your day off or are watching the kids, make them before you’re starving. Try this お言い (delicious) recipe for sushi or whip up these summer inspired rolls instead. Not in the mood for Japanese cuisine? How does a mango coconut basil wrap sound? What about a tandoori cauliflower wrap? Maybe you hate wraps. That’s not an issue. Try this warm and creamy butternut soup for a comforting break from the morning madness. You deserve it!

4. Afternoon Snack


By the afternoon, you really just need something to hold you over until dinner. Try a balance of plant-based protein and carbohydrates for an optimal balance of filling nutrients: think hummus and carrots, apples and peanut butter, raisins and cashew trail mix, or if you have a blender, whip up a protein shake or a kale smoothie. Check out this article for a whole list of ideas!

5. Dinner


When you’re winding down for the day, the best way to wind down is with a big bowl of goodness and a slice of crunchy bread or crackers, especially when it’s cold outside. For those winter or chilly spring days, put minestrone soup on the menu along with some homemade gluten free bread. Come summer time, opt for this beautiful, veggie-packed pasta for a cool dinner that’s simple and easy. When fall rolls around, mandolin slice your onions, zucchini, squash, potatoes, and tomatoes this fall and layer them to create this elegant veggie bake. And finally, go bold this winter with this sweet potato shepherd’s pie. Take freshly mashed sweet potato and gold potatoes and dollop it on top of a lentil vegetable base for an uber delicious and hearty meal.

Make this year the year of good food and creative plant-based meals for you and your family. With all these meal suggestions and the numerous amount of recipes here on One Green Planet, you can’t go wrong. What are you waiting for? Get cooking up a plant-based storm!

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Lead Image Source: Ultimate Teriyaki Stir-Fry (Gluten-Free)