If the popularity of meal-kits and delivery services teaches us anything, it’s that people love a convenient and affordable way to have a healthy dinner at home. Veestro, a company that delivers frozen gourmet meals right to your door, recently raised $1.5 million in investment,  proving that now more than ever, consumers are looking for more plant-based, ready-to-eat meal options.

Unlike popular meal-kit delivery service Purple Carrot, Veestro approaches the meal delivery market in a slightly different way by offering frozen meals that simply need to be heated and served. While this may exclude consumers who are looking to acquire the ingredients needed for a meal and experience the pleasure of cooking their own dinner, Veestro’s recent infusion of money, and the fact that the company’s sales have increased by more than 300 percent per year since their inception, proves that there are plenty of people who prefer the convenience of prepared meals.

As Founder and CEO of Veestro, Mark Fachler, said in a press release, “America is becoming more and more health conscious, yet at the same time they are looking for solutions to make life easier…[Veestro] saves them from the trap of ‘fast food,’ which is usually extremely unhealthy.”

The founders hope to build on their success and plan to use the new influx of money from investors led by M&A Capital Inc. and Starcorp International S.A to build and equip a new 20,000 square foot production facility, open a distribution facility on the East Coast, as well as support marketing and hire new staff.

Since their emergence into the food space, the meal delivery service industry has swiftly revolutionized the way Americans eat. In fact, the overall meal-kit service market is estimated to grow between $3 billion-$5 billion over the next ten years based on current adoption rates. With at least one-quarter of Americans choosing to eat fast food every day, meal services provide a similar quick and easy solution through a much healthier medium.

“As Americans learn more about how food is directly tied to our health and well-being, as well as the health of the planet, they are seeking better options, namely less meat, and more plant-based foods,” said Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder of One Green Planet. Additionally, he pointed out that “Millennials are driving this trend, because they care about things like health, as well as the environmental and social impact of their choices, but they also want fast, convenient food.  With over $1 trillion in buying power, this consumer segment alone has the power to shape our food market and by offering healthy, plant-based meals in convenient packages, companies like Veestro are poised for enormous success.”

The convenience of having ready to eat plant-based meals delivered straight to your door makes it easier than ever to #EatForThePlanet. With this new boost of funding, we can only imagine what Veestro will be able to do next – but what things for sure, we can’t wait to try it!

Lead Image Source: Veestro/Facebook