Fans of comfortable, leather-free shoes, rejoice! Birkenstock is finally bringing vegan versions of its classic styles to its customers in the U.S. – and they are already available for purchase. According to Footwear News, the Germany-based shoe company “is responding to consumer demand for vegan products” — and not a moment too soon because in fashion, you need to be one season ahead, so the time to start planning your wardrobe for spring and summer is now. How is that for following the old adage of “ask and you shall receive?” While the company does offer its U.S. customers and their children some vegan footwear options, we have been sorely missing out on the classic clogs and sandals that have made the brand iconic for hippies and grunge fashion in the 90s. According to Yahoo News, “the first run of the shoes in the U.S. will include 30,000 pairs in various models, such as the classic Boston clog and the city-chic Gizeh thong sandal.” And of course, all of the shoes will feature the classic cork footbed which makes Birkenstock shoes so comfortable.

Are you looking forward to finally being able to tromp, strut, and sidle in comfort once the cold is gone? Who knows, maybe Vogue will chime in and give these ugly-chic sandals their blessing, like they did back in 2013 after high fashion brand Céline had its models wear a pair of slip-ons as they did their thing on the catwalk.


Birkenstock listening to consumer demands for leather-free shoes just goes to show you how popular cruelty-free options have become in recent years. Now we’ve got a lot more to look forward along with the sunshine to come!

Image source: Birkenstocks