We don’t always think of cows as social animals, but they are. They’re known to form close and lasting friendships with other cows, and to have best friends within their herds. Cows also LOVE meeting other cows, as you can see clearly in this video from Animal Place.

The cows are so excited to meet and make new friends! Here you can see Panda (the black and white cow) and Jazzy (the smaller brown Jersey cow) meeting the big herd of cows at Animal Place. And look at them getting so excited! They’re so happy, they have to go for a run with their new friends. They just can’t keep it all in.

You can see them frolicking and playing together just like we see our dogs play with each other at the dog park. It just really makes you have to ask yourself, what is the difference? Why do we assume cows are so different from the other animals we love and bring into our homes?