Kangaroo joeys are pretty cute, hopping around in the Australian landscape. But if you haven’t seen a Tree Kangaroo before, then you’re in for a treat. The video below shows two young Tree Kangaroos, also called joeys, as they explore their temporary caretaker’s home, learning to climb and taking a snack break.

The two Tree Kangaroos are thought to have been rejected by their mother, leaving them defenseless in the rainforest of North Queensland. Margit Cianelli has taken the orphans in to teach them how to climb and survive in the forest. They will only stay with her for a few months before she releases them back into the wild.


Cianelli has helped a number of Tree Kangaroos prepare for life in the rainforest. The forest actually backs up to her property, where she will get an occasional visit from former joeys she had cared for!