When we look into the eyes of tigers, we are instantly drawn in and reminded how similar these big cats are to our own fluffy feline companions. Perhaps this is why this rescue of three captive tiger cubs hits extra close to home.

When rescue group Animals Lebanon, heard three tiger cubs were stuck in a tiny crate at Beirut Airport, they rushed straight to the scene. The tiger cubs were dehydrated and nailed shut in deplorable maggot-infested conditions. It took seven long days before Animals Lebanon was allowed access to save these baby animals thanks to a court order.

News like this reminds us why the shipment of wild animals for use in entertainment and other industries is dangerous and wrong, and it is up to us to put an end to it. The reality is tigers are highly endangered and our obsession with exploiting them for our own gains is only further ensuring their demise. To put this into perspective, consider this: there are more tigers in U.S. backyards than the wild. Between the exotic pet industry and demand from zoos, circuses, and roadside attractions, wild tigers don’t stand a chance. Knowing what these poor animals have to suffer through for the captivity industry, we must stand up to save this big cat.

To learn more about Animals Lebanon and their efforts to stop the illegal transport of big cats,  visit their website. Also, please remember to share with friends and pledge to never support zoos or other businesses that exploit animals!