You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t obsessed with big cats like tigers. These animals are not only majestic and gorgeous, but they also possess a terrifying amount of strength and poise. The idea of getting to pet one of these big cats or even own one is the ultimate dream, right?

Well, sadly, more like a nightmare for both you and the tiger. The fact is, these are wild animals and they simply cannot be domesticated – even if you raise them and love them with all your heart. Like other big cats, tigers in captivity exhibit extreme forms of mental and physical distress, caused by the sheer boredom of living in a small cage. Not to mention, there are countless horrific accidents that have happened between big cat “pets” and their owners. Despite all of this, there are still currently more tigers in U.S. backyards than there are in the wild. This is a serious problem. One that the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota is far too familiar with.

The Wildcat Sanctuary currently cares for over 100 big cats, many of which who were former pets that their owners could no longer keep. In this video, we see the sanctuary welcome four new tigers who were recently rehomed. While we do not know what life was like before for these tigers, they all certainly look overjoyed when they step foot into their new enclosures!

Although the best place for these tigers really is the wild, unfortunately, they will never be able to lead the life they were meant to due to human intervention. Thankfully, they will at least get the best life possible while in the care of the Wildcat Sanctuary.

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