Pauline the dog was found on the streets of a small city in Greece with the lower half of one leg missing. No one quite knows what happened to Pauline that caused her to lose part of her limb, but thankfully, some good-hearted people came to her rescue and brought her to a home in Canada.

Her caretakers described Pauline as a sweet and gentle soul, but she couldn’t play, run, or have fun like most other four-legged dogs. However, Pauline touched the hearts of many who heard her story, and when it became known that Pauline was in need of a prosthetic leg, strangers from all over the world stepped in to help.


Through a GoFundMe page and generous fundraising from the nonprofit Tails From Greece, the rescue she was adopted from, Pauline was able to get a new leg! Check out her first stroll with four legs with her prosthetic prototype in these photos below.

Her mom said Pauline is already putting weight on it and taking a few steps.

The prosthetic will need some adjustments, but we think Pauline looks doggone-good with her new leg.

Standing on all fours!

What a happy girl!

Pauline will need rehabilitation to get used to her new leg, but for now, she is up and walking like a pro! If you would like to help Pauline with her recovery, visit her GoFundMe page. You can also help support other dogs like Pauline, by checking out Tails From Greece rescue, from where she was adopted. To read Pauline’s original rescue story, click here.

All image source: UptonVredding/Imgur