The rescue team at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) has received a lot of calls from exotic pet owners who have come to the realization that they simply cannot continue caring for their wild charges. In most cases, the animals were purchased on a whim and the reality of what it means to care for a wild animal sets in too late.  Orangutans are a favorite amongst exotic pet owners, many of which opt to dress the animals up and raise them like human children. This was exactly what happened to Chico, a six-year-old orangutan who spent the majority of his young life as a pet.

WFFT was called in to rescue Chico after his owner decided he no longer wanted the adolescent monkey. As a small baby, Chico was easy to manage and his human family happily played with him and set him up with an entire wardrobe of human clothing. But as Chico grew, he became stronger and grew aggressive, so it was decided he was no longer a suitable pet. When the WFFT rescue team stepped in to save the orangutan, they knew they’d be faced with a highly intelligent, emotional little animal – what they could not have realized is that when they rescued Chico, they rescued the world’s most interesting orangutan.


Meet Chico. 

Now, you might be thinking … how can you be sure that this little orangutan here is, in fact, the most interesting orangutan in the world? After all, that is rather high praise.

Well … take a look into those smoldering eyes and then ask us that question again.

As a mere house pet, Chico was never able to realize his full potential. But now that he is out of the cage … he is coming into his rightful place at the WFFT sanctuary.

He spends his days pouring over the conflict of man and laughing at the simplicity of finding the solution to World Peace.

“Seriously, you’re telling me our DNA is 10 percent different … and you choose to keep orangutans as pets?! Blasphemy!”

“Wow … it sure is good to be me.”

When Chico isn’t climbing his jungle gym or indulging in other orangutan activities, he makes time to take phone calls – lately he’s been getting tons of calls from Elon Musk for his advice on how to build spaceships…

If Jay-Z invented swag … Chico just took it apart and reinvented it, about 100 times better.

“Hey, it’s not that easy being me … but someone’s got to do it.”

“Alright, just kidding, when you’re born with this much charisma, being this fantastic is a breeze.”

Seriously, all Chico has to do is sit and be and people can’t help but get all giddy!

“You’re welcome, world.”


If you were as dazzled by Chico as we were, you can keep up with his brilliant antics on the WFFT Facebook page. A huge thank you to the incredible people who rescued Chico and allowed him to finally reach his full, incredible potential.


All image source: WFFT/Facebook