Orangutans are amazing animals. Speaking as a dog, I would say I have a pretty good perspective of what makes an animal great, and the orangutan has got it in my book! Not only are they fuzzy and cute, but they are incredibly intelligent and emotional animals. Like they have thumbs and they know how to use them … ummmm, needless to say, I’m super jealous of that.

But sadly, it seems like hoomans don’t feel the same way about orangutans – which is kind of crazy considering that humans and orangutans are BASICALLY cousins in the animal world. Rather than loving and protecting these animals, humans are rapidly destroying their homes and leaving them with no food, no shelter –AND to make matters even worse, they’re capturing orangutan babies after killing their mothers so that they can sell them as pets!


Don’t believe me?! This is what happened to these two adorable babies, Budi and Jacko.

Who would ever take these precious angels away from their moms?!



Just thinking about this made me so mad that I just completed shredded my favorite squeaky toy … yeah, I’m that mad!


As much as I love hoomans, they can be reaaaaaal jerks sometimes. Luckily, though, there are kind people working to undo all the badness that some have wrought on animals. International Animal Rescue (IAR) is a group made up of wonderful people who are doing this. These fantastic, amazing, compassionate, phenomenal … I’ve run out of nice adjetives … are raising these orphans and helping them learn all the things their moms should have been able to teach them. Baby orangutans stay with their mothers until they’re two or older! Budi was ripped away from his mom when he was only one month old.

IAR is helping these little ones get used to living in the trees with the help of tire swings. I always thought tire swings were supposed to be fun, but this one just makes me kind of sad. 





IAR is doing their very best to get Jacko and Budi back oto the wild where they belong and the little ones are making progress. I sure hope that one day people will stop cutting down orangutans homes and make sure these animals get to live the life they deserve.

Until then, check out IAR and their amazingness on their website and Facebook.


All image source: IAR/Facebook