Two animals have been spared from starvation and torture because of petitions and work from Animals Asia. The organization’s Indonesian partner, the Scorpion Foundation, brought a skinny sun bear and Boby the orangutan to their attention. Both animals were being forced to perform at a zoo. They would be deprived of food, so much so that they’d do anything to get food. They suffered this humiliation on a daily basis.

After the collective of Animals Asia, the Scorpion Foundation, and supporters like you joined together against this zoo, the video of their torture and attached petition went viral. People often struggle to recognize the value of Internet activism but the very real fact is that in a social media driven and a speed-obsessed world, Internet opinions mean more than we all think. The sun bear and Boby the orangutan are free from performances and starvation because people all over the world cared, shared a video, and signed a petition.


The lesson in all of this is, don’t stay silent. We have to speak up for the voiceless. You don’t have to be on the frontlines to make a difference — though it’s certainly nice if you can be.

Please take the pledge to never watch an animal performance ever again. We must take a stand against this so all over the world businesses that seek to exploit animals realize that there is no money to be made there. Maybe then, animals like the sun bear and Boby will never have to suffer this injustice in the first place.