The Jungle Book’s Baloo paints a rosy picture of a bear’s life but in reality, the life of bears, and specifically, sun bears in the wild is fraught with perils. Sun bears are hunted by poachers, captured by bear bile farmers, and trafficked as exotic pets. But Kaffe, a sun bear who was rescued by Animal Asia, recently graduated from a life in quarantine and is about to get a whole lot more than just the “bear” necessities – he’s going to get friends!

Kaffe spent 10 years as an exotic pet, so he had no idea how to socialize with other bears. However the caretakers at Animal Asia recently deemed him fit for den life – and they took pictures! 

After so much solitude, Kaffe had some first-day-of-school jitters meeting the other bears.

“Oh man, O.K. Play it cool dude, they’re going to love you. You’re smart. You’re funny. And you’re having a great fur day.”

Animals Asia Bear Manager Kelly Donithan explained, “When we introduced him to fellow sun bear David, he was clearly unsure how to play.”

“He seemed awkward and nervous – but despite this, he was willing and the pair eventually played together happily.”

The next day Kaffe met Lamma. She was pretty nice, but the bear seemed more comfortable with David.

And on the third day, he was introduced to Nelson . . . who played a little too rough for Kaffe’s tastes. But bears will be bears.



Kaffe and David have become fast friends and the lonely sun bear is adapting quickly to his new social schedule. But for many bears, the life of a social butterfly is a far off dream. That is why it is crucial that organizations like Animal Asia continue to rescue, care for, and protect these adorable creatures. Animal Asia has rescued over

Animal Asia has rescued over 500 bears, but there are many more in need. You can help this incredible organization by donating on their website. You can also help by sharing this post with a friend to brighten up their day!

Image source: Animal Asia