It’s not easy being a military working dog. Usually, training comes in the form of rigorous play, but it is serious business after all. They are responsible for many delicate missions, such as bomb and drug detection, service operations and helping to detect the presence of people hiding under rubble after an explosion. It is intense work, which is why not every puppy trained in military operations will get the job as an adult.

When sweet Clara went in for her working stripes, it was hard to contain her excitement! But it turns out that everyone was going to have to make other plans, as they decided that this little girl was “too sweet” to be a military dog!

What drill sergeant could yell at a face as cute as this one?

Instead of focusing on her handler, this sweet Shepherd would rather be giving kisses!

Ah, well we guess it is true, no matter what the dog breed or how they were trained, some dogs are just made for loving!  


All image source: Imgur