The flooding in Louisiana this past month has been devastating to the masses. Classified as the worst national disaster since hurricane Sandy, it is reported that one area in Livingston Parish got over 31 inches of rain in 15 hours alone. The end result was the loss of 13 lives with countless families uprooted and torn apart. However, amongst all of the chaos and mass evacuations, human lives weren’t the only ones in jeopardy. Animals of all shapes and sizes became stranded, many dogs were found deserted on cars and rooftops and horses were found neck-deep in mud and water tangled in ropes. Frightened and alone in need of food, water, and medical attention, these animals held on for their lives in hope of a miracle.

Luckily, that miracle presented itself to them in the form of the Louisiana Humane Society which sprung into action and has been tirelessly searching for these lost and abandoned animals.

They have been providing them with food, medical attention and lots of TLC as these animals begin to recover from their trauma.


But they can’t do it alone. To continue their valiant efforts, they need your help. If you’re in the area and able to, please consider volunteering your time to help these animals in their time of need, and if you’re not nearby, monetary donations are a tremendous help to keep them afloat. Donations will go towards vet bills, animal care, cost of fuel, search and rescue, and more.

To learn more about Louisiana Humane Society and how you can get involved, click here.

All image source: Louisiana Humane Society/Facebook