If you had any doubt about goats being the hippest animals in the barnyard, check out the video of this little goat. Goats are known for being energetic, curious little animals – but did you know that they’re also incredibly intelligent? More often than not, farm animals are assigned the horribly false stereotype of being brainless, insignificant beings, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Watch as this goat listens to his human friend and flawlessly repeats the phrase “what, what.” It’s both hilarious and astounding. Just give this little goat a mic and an audience and we imagine he could make for the next great barnyard DJ. We can already imagine it now – sold out international tours and stack and stacks of green … snacks that it is.

Now, of course, we’re sure this goat much prefers the simple life on the farm. But … if you ever change your mind DJ Kidd, give us a call.