Homeless dogs do not have an easy life. These animals not only have to fend for themselves against the elements, but they’re easily susceptible to disease and illness. If these pups had someone looking out for them, little things like cuts or infections could easily be solved. Unfortunately, most stray animals only get medical attention and care when their conditions are noticeably severe.  This can make life pretty miserable for homeless pups, but the good news is there are some awesome people who are more than willing to go above and beyond to help them.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue organization that specializes in helping homeless animals recover from the more dire situations. Just take a look at the video above for one example of how far these awesome people will go to lend a hand.

When rescuers spotted June the dog, she was covered in mange. Her skin was riddled with blisters and she was very clearly in pain. But despite her condition, her little tail didn’t stop wagging when rescuers approached her.

A mere five weeks after the Animal Aid team started treatment, June emerged as a totally new dog. We can hardly believe that she is even the same pup!

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited, check out their website.