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When Jeff and Diana Hall set out on a vacation to La Paz, Mexico, they expected to get some sun and spend some time relaxing, rescuing 34 stray dogs wasn’t exactly on the agenda – but hey, it’s not truly a vacation unless you deviate from the schedule a little bit, right?

The Halls were shocked to see so many homeless animals living on the beach over the course of their vacation and were compelled to learn more about the stray animal epidemic in the country. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to take the dogs and cats back home with them to the U.S., they opted for a different solution, working with local and U.S.-based shelters to find forever homes for these needy animals.


Coordinating with a local and a California-based no-kill shelter, the Halls set out to raise funds to relocate the 34 dogs they encountered on their trip.

Naming the dogs the Baja34Pack, the Halls launched a GoFundMe campaign to help these 34 dogs, but then opted to set up an entire Baja34 Rescue Project that would benefit even more stray animals in the area.

Thanks to generous contributions, the Baja34Pack are currently being taken care of at K9 Rancho, a local no-kill shelter, and preparing for their journey to a shelter in Minnesota that will help them find their forever homes! The additional funds raised on the Hall’s GoFundMe page will help for the care of other stray dogs living at K9 Rancho as well as cover costs to transport them to the U.S. and Canada as open shelter space becomes available.

We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a vacation!

You can make a contribution to the Baja34 Rescue Project by click here.

All image source: Baja34/Facebook