Primates are humans’ closest biological kin outside of the homo sapien species, and they have given us immeasurable insight on ourselves and how connected we are to all other species on the planet. Rather than being respected as our closest kin, however, primates are exploited for the benefit of humans, particularly in laboratory experiments all across the world.

According to PETA, 105,000 primates are brutally tortured in lab experiments each year in the U.S. alone, and thousands more are exploited in experiments in other countries, particularly in Europe. The experiments are difficult to watch, typically involving barbaric restraints and painful, torturous devices that leave animals helplessly writhing in pain and screaming. Primates are kept in cramped cages for as long as labs see fit, and they never experience the joy of swinging from trees or socializing with their peers.

Thanks to the pressure from PETA and other animal rights groups, hundreds of airlines, including Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and China Southern Airlines, to name a few, have banned the shipment of primates for experiments. However, there is one airline that is lagging behind and is still contributing to this trade: a Russian airline called AirBridge Cargo Airlines.

As petition on Care2 from PETA explains, these primates are either kidnapped from the wild or bred in awful facilities in China, Vietnam, and Mauritius to be sold and shipped to labs around the world. The intelligent, sensitive animals are stored in wooden crates for up to 30 hours at a time, and their basic needs of food, water, and hygiene are entirely neglected.

PETA is calling on AirBridge Cargo Airlines to follow the lead of airlines all around the world and stop the shipment of animals for experiments. Please take a moment to sign this petition and share with your network to gain more awareness and support for the cause!

Lead Image Source: Toby Dagenhart/