Mockingjay is a sweet puppy who was born on the streets of Thailand. Life on the streets can be tough for animals, but it is particularly difficult for puppies because once they are weaned from their mother’s milk, they are often alone in the big, scary world, forced to find food and shelter for themselves. In these situations, living alongside humans can be both a blessing and a curse. This is a lesson this eight-week-old puppy learned when she suffered serious burns, trying to retrieve chicken bones from a dying campfire on the beach.

With no one to look after her and no government animal shelters to take her to, this poor injured pup would have been left to die from infection. Luckily, a concerned passerby had heard about the Soi Dog Foundation, and took the pitiful pooch there to get help.

Soi Dog Foundation is an amazing rescue group that is dedicated to saving the lives of Thailand’s injured, abused and unwanted animals, many of which have been rescued from the brutal dog meat trade. With no government funds to support them, they rely on donations to help them provide lifelong care for the thousands of animals now living in their facilities.

Little Mockingjay is one lucky lady; she was adopted by a family in England and flown to her forever home, where she will never know hunger or desperation again. However, many of the rescued animals living at Soi Dog have mental and physical injuries that make them unadoptable, meaning that they will be living at the shelter for the rest of their lives. If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help them in their life-saving efforts, you may visit the Soi Dog Foundation website here.