Squirrels like to hide nuts wherever they can, remembering the top-secret locations for later. This allows them to have food for winter, even when food wouldn’t normally be easy to come by. Like their very own squirrel takeout options, if you will. This squirrel, however, doesn’t seem to have the best ideas for hiding spots. When he finds, what appears to be, a delicious pecan, this squirrel gets right to work. His Bernese Mountain Dog friend is the closest thing by, so the obvious choice is to try and bury the nut within his doggy friend’s fur.

With that, the little squirrel gets right to work. He places the nut carefully in the dog’s side and quickly covers it, strategically moving the fur for optimal secrecy. Alas, the pecan doesn’t stay where it should. So, this squirrel has a got to reevaluate the situation. And he sees … the trash can. We’re not sure how this squirrel would fare for the winter with his poor hiding spots, so it’s a good thing the pecans are plentiful in this house.