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skeptical cow

Soy milk may be worse for your teeth than cow’s milk, according to a new study published in the Journal of Dentistry.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne Dental School in Australia found that bacteria commonly found in the mouth produce five to six times more acid when they feed on soy milk compared to cow’s milk. Acids in the mouth contribute to the formation of plaque on teeth, which can contribute to tooth decay and the formation of cavities.

Not So Fast…

However, professor William Bowen (who was not involved in the study) pointed out that the study was conducted in laboratory dishes, not in actual human mouths, so further research is needed to determine real-life impacts. He also noted that the researchers did not include saliva in their experiments, which could potentially help counteract the acid produced by soy milk.

According to the research team, drinking one glass of soy milk per day is unlikely to harm teeth. And besides, soy milk (and other plant-based milks) are still a much better choice than cow’s milk!

Ditch the Dairy!

Here are just a few reasons you might want to go dairy-free:

  • Soy milk has cow’s milk beat from a nutrition standpoint! An 8 oz serving of soy milk has fewer calories, less saturated fat, less sodium, and less sugar than the same cup of cow’s milk, but it has just as much calcium and protein!
  • Milk consumption has been tied to increased cancer risk.
  • Drinking the milk of another species is SO not natural. Cow’s milk isn’t really meant for human consumption, and it certainly isn’t necessary for optimal health.
  • Who wants to contribute to the slaughter of over 245,000 dairy cows per year?
  • Everyone’s doing it! Ok, so Mom wouldn’t approve of this reasoning, but don’t you think thousands of health-conscious consumers might be onto something? The plant-based milk market has exploded in recent years, while dairy consumption has dropped. The shift even has the dairy industry afraid!
  • There are so many choices! Check out our Guide to Plant-Based Milks to find a new favorite.

Image Credit: canadianfamily/Flickr