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Truffles was only one year old when he was rescued from a group of poachers by International Animal Rescue (IAR) and Wildlife SOS. Before the joint rescue operation, he was sold on the Indo-Nepal border to be exploited as a “dancing bear.”

When he arrived at the rescue, although so small, he already had too much behind him and had an unmistakable sadness in his eyes. It took a lot of work and determination, but finally, Truffles emerged from his trauma and is now a changed bear, happy and loving his life.

When Truffles came to the rescue center in 2013, he was skinny, had matted fur, a pierced muzzle, and broken canines. He was in a sad condition, his body vulnerable to infection and illness, and he needed urgent medical care.

As IAR points out, traumatized bears often find it very difficult to adapt to new surroundings and to trust people again. They are scared of human interaction and can be moody. This was exactly the case with poor Truffles, and he had to undergo extensive psychological treatment.

In the end, all the hard work and patience the team put into helping Truffles paid off a hundredfold. The little bear finally adapted to his new life and home and learned all about kindness and peace. He also eventually developed a close bond with Kandi, another bear rescued alongside Truffles and two other animals.

Truffles is now five years old! He is full of energy and loves causing mischief with his best friend. He enjoys climbing trees, having naps in hammocks, and snacking on honey logs.


Thanks to IAR and their supporters from all around the world, Truffles was saved from a life in captivity and the promise of being used for human “entertainment.” He had the chance to start a completely new life – one a bear can actually enjoy. The many enrichment activities in his new home are designed to stimulate ex-dancing bears and, through that, help them recover psychologically, the organization explains. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication, Truffles’ pain is behind him now!

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All image source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook