How some people can look into the eyes of an innocent animal and purposely cause it harm is beyond understanding. This is what happened to a three-month-old puppy named Aniela.

She was recently found in a plastic bag by Melissa with New York Bully Crew (NYBC) after a man reported a bag that may have been moving. The faint movement was likely Aniela’s last-ditch effort at getting help as she was literally near death. Thank the stars, someone noticed! No animal deserves to die feeling like worthless trash. Who has the heart to put a puppy in a bag and leave it to die?!


Since the initial rescue, Aniela has been taken to the vet for emergency treatment, but this poor pup is still not out of the woods yet. She is suffering from multiple issues including parvovirus. We know that the awesome folks at NYBC will do all they can to help Aniela fight for what she deserves – happiness, health, and love. We are all rooting for you Aniela, don’t give up!

The NYBC is out rescuing and giving second chances to abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs day after day. You can help by opening your home and hearts to fostering. Fostering an animal is a great way to make a difference for animals when you aren’t in a position to adopt. This helps the animal being fostered, shelters with space, and allows them to save another animal in need. As always, volunteering, educating others, and sharing profiles of adoptable pets are always effective ways to help shelter animals.

To donate to New York Bully Crew and help with Aniela’s medical care, click here.