We saw the ice caps melt in “The Inconvenient Truth” and countless dolphins brutally slaughtered in “The Cove.” Documentaries on environmental issues have been widely successful in recent years, and the next on ready to make some noise is “Gambling on Extinction” from Java Films.

The documentary follows filmmaker Jakob Kneser as he travels the globe examining the illegal trade of endangered species parts and pelts. The film focuses on the rising demand for elephant tusks, rhino horns and tigers and sheds a light on the connection between the illegal slaughter of protected species and consumerism.

“Gambling on Extinction” goes beyond illuminating the consumer driven demand of endangered species. It also touches on a new alarming trend: the increase of investor interests.

The film’s website reports that more educated and wealthy groups of consumers and collectors stock pile these animals parts knowing they will get even more valuable as species continue to dwindle. They are essentially gambling on these endangered species, hoping for extinction in order to make money on the products made from these animals.

While the documentary does not come out until June 2014, you can watch a preview of it below, spread the news, and learn more about “Gambling on Extinction” on its website and Facebook Page.

Image Source: Martin Pettit/Flickr