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ACCT Philly is looking for your help! They have so many dogs waiting to be adopted that it is breaking our hearts.

All of the following dogs are on ACCT Philly’s Urgent page on Facebook and are desperately waiting for someone to take them home. Photographer Kylee Yetter joined forces with ACCT to create a portfolio of images of these dogs to get their faces out there in the hope of helping them steal somebody’s heart. Could that be you?

What shocks us most about these particular images is that the majority of the dogs at ACCT waiting to be rehomed are Pit Bulls. 

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There are more 200 million dogs and cats homeless across the world. 


According to the ASPCA, around 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters across America each year.

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And of these 6.5 million, 1.5 million go on to be euthanized, either because of illness or overcrowding, or in the case of some, purely because their face doesn’t fit. ACCT works hard to help dogs like these find homes.

Acadia 30117873368 O

Pit Bull breeds tend to be the first to be euthanized in high-kill shelters, and even those who escape such an untimely death usually take around three times longer to be adopted than their counterparts. 

Sandy 43499573891 O

Pit Bulls have an awful stereotype and the worst possible press, through absolutely no fault of their own!

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Pitties used to be referred to as nanny dogs because of their gentle, nurturing natures, but their breed has become vilified thanks to cruel people who use them for fighting. 


How is it possible to look at these beautiful dogs and see something destructive and vicious? How can people look into the eyes of these animals and abandon them like trash?


These dogs are affectionate, loyal, and loving, just as deserving of a family that will take care of them and a forever home where they are safe and loved, as every other breed of dog.  


No animal deserves to be left to fester in a cage in a shelter. Despite how hard these shelters work to take care of these animals, it is no life for a dog. Would you want to spend your time cooped up in a tiny cage when you have done absolutely nothing wrong to have earned such an imprisonment?   



ACCT Philly works tirelessly to help dogs like these. If you are able to Donate towards their care or are looking to adopt a dog yourself, please visit their Facebook page!

Image Source: Kylee Yetter/Flickr