Life can be full of surprises. Like when you go to work early on a random Tuesday, anticipating a busy day and end up finding your new best friend.

Sounds a little crazy, but this is exactly what happened when Imgur user trashcat230 showed up early for work and heard a high pitched howl coming from a pile of trash on the ground. When she went over to investigate, a tiny yellow head popped up and the Legend of Trash Cat was born.


It was love at first sight when she saw this adorable face looking up at her. Who wouldn’t want to take this little sweetie home!

But first things first, this little kitten needed a bath and a name. In that order.

Getting clean is a tiring business for a kitty. 

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Now that he’s all rested, this sweet fella is eager to help out.

Trashcat230 writes, “My very first thought was, ‘I guess I own a cat now.’ I immediately named him Albus, and we became besties.


He quickly became a Wisconsin fan.

After a long day of work, Albus likes to help out his BFF with her scrapbooking.


You can see he finds this riveting.

With a new home and amazing mom, Albus is ready to take on the world! Good luck, little one!


The heartwarming tale of  Albus the Trash Cat and his new mom proves that by opening our hearts to rescue animals, we are also opening them to all of the love that they bring with them.


All image source: trashcat230/Imgur