Serena Williams is known for her athleticism and expertise in tennis, having earned four Olympic gold medals and holding the record for the most Grand Slam titles. More recently, she has been in the spotlight as a new mother balancing family life with her career, and now the plant-based superstar has added another accomplishment to her repertoire — a cruelty-free clothing line that aims to empower women.

The clothing line, called “Serena,” has an array of athletic gear as one might expect, but it also includes casual day-to-day denim and tees, dresses for nights out, and loungewear for lazy Sundays.


What many people do not know about Williams is that in addition to being a world-class athlete, she also has a creative side, having studied fashion for two years at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and collaborating with companies like Nike and Home Shopping Network before.

The clothing line also aims to empower women, featuring styles to suit a wide array of body types as well as encouraging females to be independent and strong in every sense of the word.


Williams described her brand to WWD as such: “My designs are inspired by strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly, and spontaneous women who are living their best lives, or making it up as they go — kinda like me … The customer is a girl or a woman who believes in herself, or wants to believe in herself; maybe she’s feeling unconfident that day … And someone that is unapologetically themselves, and that maybe they stand out; maybe they stand out because they are strong or they’re beautiful or they want to not be the norm. Our woman is someone who looks at fashion as a compass to show who they are, to show what they are.

However, as with most things, there is still room for improvement. Although the clothing line is cruelty-free, containing no leather, fur, wool, silk, etc., a great deal of the collection is made up of synthetic materials like polyester, spandex, and nylon, which are ultimately not great for the environment. Several studies have shown that when synthetic materials are washed, bits of it enter our waterways and add to the immense microplastic epidemic plaguing our planet, especially in the oceans where marine life ingest the plastic … and yes, microplastics enter our drinking water too. We hope to see more sustainable and natural materials used in the clothing line in the future so it can truly live up to the Earth-friendly vegan concept.


To learn more about the Serena brand, visit the website here.

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All Image Source: serena/Instagram