Who doesn’t love teensy furry puppies? Well, we certainly do! But puppies aren’t the only dogs we love. We believe that all dogs are beautiful, loyal, and deserving of love no matter their age, size, or breed. So today we’re going to do something a little different from the pack and celebrate a senior dog that we think is absolutely adorable!

This is Oscar. He’s lost all of his teeth in his old age, but as you can see, he’s perfectly happy without them. His tongue hangs outside of his mouth pretty much all the time which is totally adorbs! It gives his face so much personality.

Oscar has spotted the pupparazzi (which is most likely his guardian with a camera phone)! He seems pretty calm, but something tells us that there’s going to be a fun twist. So is he going to pose for us, or do something totally unpredictable?

Oscar is a really great model. He knows his best angles and he looks absolutely dashing in his plaid scarf. Talk about a trendsetter. He should definitely do a photo shoot or calendar. We’d definitely buy it!

Woah! We totally didn’t expect him to take the phone and start snapping pictures of himself on his own. How does a dog even learn to work a phone anyway? Guess Oscar’s had time to learn a few things in his long years!


Oscar is a great example of how vibrant older dogs can be. So be sure to give some love to more experienced pups once you’re done cooing at the young’uns. And if you’re on the lookout for a furrever friend, give an older dog a chance. They’ll love you more than anything.

And don’t forget, old dogs can always learn new tricks!

All image source: Countmugula/Imgur