There is a lot of good to be said about the younger generation of today, and the students of Nguyen Binh Khiem-Cau High School in Vietnam are no exception.

The students recently gathered to help build the Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile Garden. Animals Asia organized the educational garden and worked with specialists in traditional medicine to choose plants that can be used in lieu of bear bile to treat ailments like pain and inflammation. Among these 32 plants include cinnamon, frangipani, red-rooted sage, and mugwort. This amazing garden was made a reality after Vietnam vowed to end all bear bile farms by 2022.

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director, Tuan Bendixsen said, “These kids are ambassadors in their communities, helping to educate people about the damage bear bile farming has caused to Vietnam’s wild populations of bears. This is their inheritance and they are demanding that action be taken now so that the next generation doesn’t grow up in a Vietnam robbed of its wildlife heritage by the short-sightedness of bear bile farming.”

Youth have long been fighters for change in the world, and with compassionate, environmentally-conscious students like these ones, there is a glimmer of hope for a more cruelty-free future.

To learn more about the serious issue of bear bile farming, click here. And to learn how YOU can become involved in ending bear bile farms everywhere in the world, click here. And remember to share this inspiring story with your friends and family!