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As a pet guardian, there is nothing more entertaining than photographing the hilarious things your little fur ball does. From sprawling in the most dramatic poses, to hiding in the most outrageous spots, and of course the classic “stop looking at me human” face, pets are some of the most interesting subjects for any amateur photog with a smart phone.

This pet parent, however, is a little more than the smart phone wielding friend who inundates your newsfeed with photos of their cat–this particular pet parent is highly skilled in the art of capturing the actions of their feline friend.

In her downtime, this little kitty, Sasha, is probably the sort of cat who prefers to spend their days lounging on bed of fluffy pillows, paying little attention to the nonsense of their pet parent, but the minute q-tips come into play, all bets are off.

On Imgur, Sasha’s guardian explains that sometimes he/she likes to toss q-tips at Sasha and take pictures. Perhaps a strange pass time, but we could not be happier that they thought to share this hilarious phenomenon with the world.

Just take a gander at Sasha in action…

See the Q-Tip: Be the Q-Tip

Play it Cool Sasha, it Will be Yours in Time…

You Fake High, I’ll Catch Him Low

No More Playing Around, Focus!


Don’t Move Human! I Got This!

Stahp This Immediately or I Shall eat You!

My Precioussss

ErmehGerd, Human Make it Stahp!

Finish Him!

Master has Given Sasha a Q-Tip?!

Slippery Paws, Nooo!

This Isn’t Over! Mark my Words, Cotton Shwab…You Will be Mine!


The most recent news on Sasha is that she has lost interest in q-tips, perhaps understanding that she has been bested by the ever illustrious white fuzzy stick. All stars fade eventually…so Green Monsters, do your pets have any obscure object they love to play with? Tell us in the comments.

All image source: Imgur