Comedian Ricky Gervais is many things. He is the ultimate animal lover, animal activist, and now, a new “father” to a rescued moon bear!

Recently, Gervais symbolically adopted one of the 130 moon bears on a bear bile farm in Nanning, China, a farm that’s set to transition into Animals Asia’s third moon bear sanctuary within the next two years. Gervais named the young male bear, Derek, after his comedy-drama.


The young male bear adopted by Gervais will be the face of Animals Asia’s newest landmark campaign, Peace by Piece, and focuses on transitioning and rehabilitating the former bear bile bears in Nanning.

Derek is a ten-year-old bear with a host of problems, as a result of a life trapped in a cage where workers would extract his bile. His head is raw from years of rubbing his head against the bars of his small cage, and most of his teeth have fallen out, with the exception of a few rotten teeth which badly needed to be extracted. His lolloping tongue is a result of a nerve damage, while his right eye suffers from a cataract.

“Derek is a beautiful but very damaged bear,” said Gervais. “After such a sad and traumatic existence on a bear farm I am thrilled to have adopted him as one of 130 bears currently being rescued by Animals Asia in China and long to see him enjoying his new life in the sun! I so admire this historic initiative to turn a bear farm into a sanctuary and applaud the efforts of everyone involved.”

This young bear will know nothing but happiness from here on out. With the support of Gervais, Animals Asia can continue to spread awareness about a moon bear’s plight as well as help these 130 bears transition into a better life.


Image source: Ricky Gervais / Facebook