There are a lot of “firsts” when you become a pet parent, like the first time Fido learns a trick or the first time Lassie forgets where she’s suppose to use the potty. But, with time and lots of patience, your pet will learn what is what and who is who — for the most part. However, not all pets (in this case, dogs) are equal.

Military working dogs are trained to sniff out military bases and act as a safeguard against potential explosives at war. These dogs are active heroes, and when ready to retire, many find loving forever homes. Case in point, meet Chef, a retired military working dog.

Chef was a tough guy during his working days, and now, resides happily in a forever home. He has proven to be more of a gentle giant in this video! Watch as he meets a white kitten for the very first time. Chef doesn’t seem to know what to make of this little baby. He gently licks the kitten and touches it lightly. He’s probably thinking, What is this strange fur ball?! And he sure can’t keep his eyes away from it. Nor will you, when you watch this adorable video of the first time a dog meets a cat.

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