New Zealand is a great place to go whale watching. Every year hundreds of thousands of curious visitors flock to the island nation, with the hopes of catching a glimpse of one of our giant friends from the deep. Located in the far South Pacific, New Zealand’s cool waters draw many species of whales in passing, as they make their way out to the open ocean. Usually, they are just quick visits, but every once in a while, a whale stays a little longer than planned.

That was the case for this little fella, a nine-meter-long baby humpback who was found tangled up in some fishing nets, one morning in Wellington Harbor. Abandoned fishing nets are dangerous to all of the ocean’s creatures, but they are especially so for marine mammals who need to breathe air from the surface to survive.


The poor whale was starting to show signs of distress, so the kind boaters called the Department of Conservation, who flew in a team to help. It was approximately 1pm when the team finally arrived and it took them an additional four hours to finally cut the animal free.

In the end, the happy humpback surfaced once more and gave its rescuers one last look, as if to say “thank you,” before it quickly turned to find its pod in the open sea. This feel-good video is just one more example of how many awesome people there are, all over the world, helping animals, every day.